Getting to your destination


Your bikes don't fly!



Perhaps uniquely, La Vie en Vélo offers to transport you and your bikes all the way from the UK to your destination and back again. This avoids the hassle and potential trauma of putting your precious bikes anywhere near an airport or train station! I can take up to 8 riders and bikes wherever they'd like to go, and if riders are happy to use other means to get around then the vehicle set up can take 14 bikes, and I can even make arrangements for larger groups.

No baggage carousel roulette! No bike hire nerves! No bike boxes or bags! 


My custom-fitted trailer

In my custom-fitted box trailer your bikes are mounted on their front forks and their front wheels are neatly stored in padded wheel bags. The bikes do not touch each other at all. We can take 8 bikes in complete safety and have them on the road, racked and ready to ride in less than 20mins from arriving at a ride start point. None of the hassle or hazard associated with bike transport by air.


Taking care of the driving

For drives over 6hrs, such as to the Alps, Pyrenees or Mont Ventoux, then I would recommend that riders travel by air or train to a destination from where I can travel ahead of you and pick you up, e.g. Marseille for Mont Ventoux or Lyon for the Alps. I can't though include this air travel in the package price without becoming ABTA registered which adds unnecessarily to the price of your trip, so I leave the flights to you to find your own bargains.

For shorter drives, such as Flanders, Normandy, northern France or much of the UK, then it is most cost-effective for you to jump in our 9-seater in the UK while your bikes are attached behind in our custom-fitted box trailer. Because a trailer load of bikes only takes a few minutes to be ready to ride, we can have you riding on arrival in no time at all. This group travel across the Channel makes this a very cost-effective way to travel.



About 80-90% of La Vie en Vélo trips result in another booking.

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"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race"
H.G. Wells