Group Sizes


For most trips, the optimum group size is 8. Smaller groups are always feasible but, due to the diseconomy of scale, they will cost more per person (see our prices), but for those who like a bit of luxury this is heartily recommended. A group of 4 means that we travel very lightly with no need for the trailer, and you have twice as much attention from me!

For more than 8 riders, the maximum number for the van and bike trailer is surpassed but often this doesn't matter too much as special arrangements can be made.

For instance, I recently supported a group of 14 to do a London-Paris ride. They didn't need to get in the van together at any time, so we left two rows of the van's seats at home and were able to take all 14 bikes and baggage safely back from Paris while the riders got on the Eurostar (after a celebratory dinner in Paris, of course!). This kep the per head cost down and meant that the group raised even more dough for an excellent cause.

Knowing that it can sometimes be hard to find 8 people who want to do the same trip at the same time we offer 'open' group trips to popular places like Mont Ventoux, the Alps & Pyrenees. These are on set dates and allow individuals, couples and small group to join up to make a whole group of 7 or 8.



If you would like to travel to Mont Ventoux or the Alps or the Pyrenees, or in northern Europe or the UK, then again the optimum group size is 8. But smaller groups are easily catered for. Larger groups would need to co-ordinate a second vehicle. The prices for such trips are on request, but are based on a £400 day rate for the van, trailer and driver, plus the cost of your crossing and local accommodation and food costs. The driver would be on hand throughout the trip to provide logistical and catering support.

We are happy to help you organise your own adventure. Feel free to email or give us a call to discuss arrangements: 07984 065329 or

About 80-90% of La Vie en Vélo trips result in another booking.

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