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Group Sizes

Essentially, we run two types of trip:

  • Home - at our home-from-home, La Bucherie in the Dordogne.
  • Away - at other places away from La Bucherie.

For both trips, although for different reasons, the optimum group size is 8. Smaller groups are always feasible but, due to the diseconomy of scale, they will usually cost more per person (see our prices). For higher numbers special arrangements can be made.

Knowing that it can sometimes be hard to find 8 people who want to do the same trip at the same time we offer 'open' group trips to popular places like Mont Ventoux, the Alps & Pyrenees. These are on set dates and allow individuals, couples and small group to join up to make a whole group of 7 or 8.

Further details are below.


At La Bucherie


Small groups of up to 4 people:

At La Bucherie, the most cost-effective group size is 8, so for smaller groups there are 2 options really:

1.    Share La Bucherie with another group at the shared room rate, (see prices), or
2.    Take the property as a smaller group at the single occupancy rate. (see prices)

To explain: For smaller groups of 1 to 4 people you could opt for to take one or two twin rooms, sharing one bathroom, and pay the shared room price when sharing the property with another group (you would only be expected to share bedrooms with members of your own party, and there are two separate bathrooms). This would only be done with prior agreement between all parties.

Obviously, this would mean that the level of personal service that La Vie en Vélo is able to offer your group in terms of providing logistical support, meal times, etc. would be shared between groups, but as long as groups go roughly in the same direction and don’t mind being a little flexible then this shouldn’t have a serious impact at all. We would, of course, help you to find a group to share with.


Groups of 5 to 8 people:    

La Vie en Vélo is based at an 8-bed house (4 twin rooms). So, naturally the optimum (most cost-effective) size for a group would be 8. So, any group from 5-8 can take sole occupancy of the property, paying the shared room price.


More than 8 people:

Aware that larger groups of friends or club members might be looking for a venue La Vie en Vélo is keen to help. For larger groups special arrangements can be made. It is perfectly possible for extra members of your party to stay in other accommodation locally or even camp in the garden or at nice local campsites. This would mean that more than 4 people would be sharing bathrooms and toilet facilities, so all members of the party should be aware of this ahead of confirmation.

Please note: Groups of more than 8 exceed the carrying capacity of the La Vie en Vélo minibus & trailer, which can take a maximum of 8 guests per trip. This would inhibit our stated aim to be on hand to everyone all the time. If transport arrangements require shuttling the group to and from nearby locations then that is unlikely to be a problem, but all members of the group should be made aware of the situation prior to booking. Obviously, this does not apply to the UK / La Bucherie transfer for which the maximum group size is 8. Extra guests can either self-drive, or an airport or train station pick-up can be arranged. We are happy to help with booking alternative accommodation or transport.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss arrangements: 07984 065329 or


At other locations:

If you would like to stay away from La Bucherie, say to Mont Ventoux or the Alps, or the hidden gem of the Cantal, or the Cevennes, or the Pyrenees, or in northern Europe or the UK, then again the optimum group size is 8. But smaller groups are easily catered for. Larger groups would need to co-ordinate a second vehicle. The prices for such trips are on request, but are based on a £400 day rate for the van, trailer and driver, plus the cost of your crossing and local accommodation and food costs. The driver would be on hand throughout the trip to provide logistical and catering support.

We are happy to help you organise your own adventure. Feel free to email or give us a call to discuss arrangements: 07984 065329 or

Mont Ventoux Long Weekends £595pp

(including your flight, accommodation and transfer of bikes and luggage to/from the UK!)

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